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Message from CEO  
Message from CEO


All the times, We sincerely appreciate for customers that sent unstinting support and encouragement for YMI.

"On the basis of human and technique, We contribute to public welfare by creating the best products and services."
YMI repeated change and innovation on the basis of our management ideology and quality management philosophy.
For producing the most safe, convenient, and excellent quality goods, We constantly make an investment in a development of human resource and advancement of technology and business process renovation(BPR).
Accordingly, going forward the company representing Korea in our professional field is our DREAM on the basis of the customer's support.

YMI has every effort to retain the best talented man-power in each field and technology capability focusing on the core product areas that symbolizes the technology to create the best value added for our customers.

YMI wish to start a new challenge for becoming a 21st century's small hidden champion based on the high level technical and quality-mindset, talented man-power.
Every employee of YMI industry will make a firm promise doing our best to provide the best satisfaction for our customer.

Best Regards.

Pesident Mr. Wook Bo, Shim

YMI CO., LTD / 596-45 Gomo-ro, Jillye-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea/ Tel +82-55-346-4455 / Fax +82-70-4850-8555